Sell Fuse - Ecommerce, Fulfillment, Marketing for New Products
We build corporate sites, ecommerce sites and market products
The Sell Fuse Model:

We build and manage direct Ecommerce solutions, corporate websites and provide fulfillment solutions for small to medium sized companies that are either in start-up mode or with a new product launch on the horizon. Sell Fuse has an established model that quickly and effectively allows companies to compete and be heard in the online arena with no up front cash investment. The way the model works is simple:
  1. We design, develop and run a highly focused and functional Ecommerce site dedicated to your specific brand or product selling directly to the consumer. All the while building a loyal customer base you can continue to market to.

  2. We build a marketing campaign and put our own effort towards selling your product along-side any marketing campaigns you have in the works for your brand.

  3. The only investment from your company is consigned product or a drop ship program at whole sale cost that you may have just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold!

* We also offer an array of warehousing and fulfillment solutions if needed.

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Our Core Competencies:
  • Over 10 years of experience developing websites and Ecommerce solutions
  • Professional graphic design
  • Established relationships and negociating power with major print
    advertising outlets
  • Established relationships and experience running programs with Group Buy (i.e. Groupon) sites for running major product promotions locally and nationwide
  • Development of highly customized social media campaigns
  • CPC advertising such as Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo SEM
  • Search Engine Optimization to make you visable in organic search
  • Press release distribution and blog attention
  • Cost effective web hosting, warehousing and fulfillment services
  • Working closely with manufacturers to drive product sales and boost brand awareness

Our Work:

Teton Grill Company (Corporate)
Teton Grill Gear (Ecommerce)
Dotz Shop (Ecommerce)


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